Constance Wu Discusses Judge Kavanaugh
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Constance Wu Discusses Judge Kavanaugh On The View

Constance Wu, star of Crazy Rich Asians, star of Fresh Off The Boat, and outspoken activist sat in on “The View” to discuss a wide range of topics including Judge Kavanaugh and her practical view on being an actor. Wu, 36, the outspoken actor has been very critical of  Hollywood and it’s treatment of women. She was one of the first members of Hollywood to support the Me Too movement and now the Times Up movement.

Abby Huntsman, a co-host of the show, said, “We were talking earlier on the show, what’s going on with Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. And how last night at a rally the president was mocking Dr. Ford. What do you make of that?”

Wu replied, “I don’t think that’s a posture of a lot of grace or dignity for a president to have. But I think when you look at a lot of these conversations, there’s a lot of sympathy for the man, and I actually think it stems from the way we raise boys in America. We don’t allow them to feel. So that when they become grown men and you say something that makes them feel hurt. We feel bad because we as a culture have already kept them from feeling.”

Constance Wu Discusses Judge Kavanaugh

Wu continues, “So I actually think that when we make men feel uncomfortable or sad, it’s more of a service to them because they get practice to navigate these emotions they haven’t been allowed to feel their entire childhood and teenage life.”

“It must be torture for them,” Joy Behar said.

“Yeah, I think it’s good to have these conversations, good to feel bad if you did something bad because you get to practice how to navigate that and become a better person,” Wu said.

They ended up changing topics to Wu’s acting career. Constance Wu told the hosts on the show that she always intended to be an actor since she was little. She grew up as a “theater kid” and that she wasn’t sure acting was ever going to be her “source of income.” But she was okay with that. As long as she got to act she was okay with being a “waitress”. Noting that she would have been happy, “For sure because when you’re happy doing what you do, you don’t need as much money to buy stuff, cause you don’t need to fill in the empty void.”

The whole video can be seen on ABC News and see Constance Wu this Friday on “Fresh Off The Boat” as the show kicks off its fifth season.

Constance Wu Discusses Judge Kavanaugh
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