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Constance talks to The Guardian in an amazing interview

Constance Wu, the star of Crazy Rich Asians told The Guardian in an in-depth interview that she lost roles because she was too outspoken. The outspoken star who has criticized Scarlett Johansson, Matt Damon, and Casey Affleck has always been opinionated, but now with the platform which fame has brought her, she feels the responsibility to speak up.

When news came out that Scarlett Johansson was cast as the main character in the Ghost in the Shell remake there was an uproar over the casting. Many claimed it was whitewashing the main character who happens to be Asian in the original movie. It got worse when news broke on Screencrush that the producers tried to use CGI to make Scarlett more Asian. Wu at a luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire said,

It was particularly heinous because they ran CGI tests to make her look more Asian. Some people call it ‘yellowface’, but I say ‘the practice of blackface employed on Asians’ because that’s more evocative.”

Still, she holds no hard feelings for Scarlett Johansson.

“I love Scarlett Johansson. I’m not blaming Scarlett. She isn’t out there like, ‘Let me go choose the part that’s going to make people mad the most.’ But the only way she’ll know that she’s doing that is if we begin a conversation and say, ‘It’s not your fault, but this is something that’s important to a population.'”

Constance took on Matt Damon when he got cast in The Great Wall as the main protagonist. She had a problem with the myth that only white men can save the world.

But those two were not dangerous statements to make because pretty much everyone agreed. The one statement that could have gotten her in a lot of trouble was when she criticized Casey Affleck for his sexual harassment allegations.

About the tweet going after Casey Affleck, she laments to The Guardian,

“People got mad at me. I have lost a lot of parts because of that and I probably will never be a member of the Academy … But that’s OK.”

But it seems like Constance Wu will have the last word, become a part of the Academy, and survive any blowback because of the success of Crazy Rich Asians. To think it almost wasn’t to be because Hollywood wanted to whitewash the role of Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians. Wonder what she would’ve said about that if that happened.

Constance Talks About Being A Banana.

As an Asian, the most interesting part of the interview was when Constance Wu talked about her being accused of being an “unrefined banana”. She says that she is American and Asian and one American thing she does is wear shoes in the house.

“Like, I wear shoes in my house. People are like, ‘What!? You are such a bad Asian!’ And I’m like, ‘Guys, it’s part of the outfit.'”

Come on Constance, that’s just crossing the line.


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