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Constance Wu pissed that Fresh Off the Boat got renewed

ABC just renewed the television show “Fresh Off the Boat” and Constance Wu is not happy. The comedy series based on the memoir “Fresh Off the Boat” by Eddie Huang, has been greenlit for a sixth season, reports Deadline. It’s about a Taiwanese family living in Orlando, Florida, in the 1990s. The show debuted in 2015 and was the first show since “All American Girl”  to feature a majority Asian cast. It reached a milestone in season five as it went into syndication and regularly drew around 3 million viewers. But one of the stars of the show, Constance Wu, seems pissed the show got renewed.

Constance Wu, who plays the mother on the show, commented “Dislike” on Fresh Off the Boat’s Instagram post, revealing the show was coming back for another season. Twitter user @yashar screenshotted the now deleted comment.

fresh off the boat

On Twitter, she wrote, “So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. F***.”

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She followed that up with, “F***ing hell.” When one of her Twitter followers commented “Congrats on your renewal! Great news,” she replied back, “No it’s not.”

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People started commenting that Constance Wu was going on a rampage because she was not happy about the renewal because she wanted to work on more movies. She recently signed up for a sci-fi film “Lost Planet” and is probably fielding a lot of movie offers after the success of “Crazy Rich Asians.” This renewal means that Wu would have to turn down a lot of roles because most of her time in the year would be devoted to the television show.

Constance Wu tweeted back that it was not a “rampage” and that the assumptions were wrong.

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Another Twitter user pressed her for more clarity and she said that she was “upset and crying” but not because of the “tv show.”

fresh off the boat

Sounds great and all, but that doesn’t explain her actions stating that she wasn’t happy over the renewal. One user wrote, “You literally replied to a fan who tweeted you about it being “good news” saying, “No it’s not.” You also commented with “dislike” on the Instagram post about it.”

constance wu hissy fit
Twitter @brianneamira

Oh, Constance Wu, just admit you’re pissed about the “Fresh Off the Boat” renewal. Just say that you want to be a movie star. Jeez, Louise, lol, the backtracking is worse than the temper tantrum cause people brought the receipts.

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