Crazy Rich Asians Takes The Box Office Crown For The Second Straight Weekend

Crazy Rich Asians Takes The Box Office Crown For The Second Straight Weekend
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Crazy Rich Asians keeps making crazy rich money. In its second weekend, the movie brought in another $25 million dollars reports Deadline which is amazing because it only saw a dip of 6% from it’s previous weekend of $26.5 million dollars. With $25 million dollars Crazy Rich Asians takes the box office crown for the second straight weekend beating out giant shark movie The Meg and newcomer Happytime Murders starring Melissa McCarthy.


Crazy Rich Asians once again proved the analysts wrong by making more money this weekend than forecasted. Before going into this weekend many had Crazy Rich Asians making around $16-18 million but we thought that was underselling it. Katy thought the early forecasts were too low and she wrote that the movie was going to make around $21 million by following the Bridesmaids trajectory, which was a dip around 20% but even that was too low. It looks like its going to take the path more likely with The Sixth Sense which saw only a drop of 3% drop in its second week and went on to make $293.5 million dollars in the US.

I don’t think the 5% drop will hold next weekend, it’ll be a little steeper than that but by the end of its third week in theaters, it should’ve gotten past the $100 million dollar mark.


Now the only two questions concerning its box office are how much it’ll do in total in the US and how much it’ll do in total around the world. Katy has projected this movie to make $185 million dollars in the US but with only a 5% drop in its second weekend, I think it’ll cross $200 million dollars. Around the world, I’m not so sure. I don’t even know if this movie will play in China. How Asians in other countries take this movie is up in the air right now but if I’m to guess I think it’ll do great overseas. My projection for the final total of Crazy Rich Asians is $400 million worldwide.

The movie also has two planned sequels in the works. My only hope is that they don’t break the 2 remaining books into four just like they did to The Hunger Games or Twilight. That’s just too much for me and I’ll probably just pass by then.


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