Crazy Rich Asians Total Domestic Box Office Projected At 185 million dollars

Crazy Rich Asians


Crazy Rich Asians have been making a lot of money

Crazy Rich Asians total domestic box office stands at 51.8 million dollars as of Friday according to Deadline. Box office analysts are predicting that Crazy Rich Asians will keep the box office crown by bringing in another 16-18 million dollars with a dropoff of around 36%.  Which brings its total to around 69.8 million dollars in its first 12 days.

Analysts Predictions

Most analysts are predicting that CRA will top out at a little over 100 million dollars. This is where I differ with most analysts. I think It’ll make a lot more than 100 million dollars. The early predictions for the CRA‘s first 5 days were low and I think that’s what’s happening now, instead with its grand total. I think that CRA will bring in closer to 200 million dollars than 100 million dollars.

The Breakdown

This weekend’s predictions of 16-18 million dollars with 36% seems to be too much of a drop for me. Let’s look at how much money CRA made daily. All information on daily earnings will come from

The movie debuted on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

  • Wednesday: $5.01M
  • Thursday: $3,75M
  • Friday: $7,26M
  • Saturday: $10,28M
  • Sunday: $8,95M
  • Monday: $3,63M
  • Tuesday: $5,52M
  • Wednesday: $3,73M
  • Thursday: $3.6M

Now see that difference between Friday and Saturday of around 3M more on Saturday. That’s a big clue on what other movies we should compare it to. That jump of 41.5% is pretty rare for a picture not aimed at kids. Usually, the Saturday amount will be around the same or most likely less. One movie with a similar Saturday bump was Bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids, the move starting Kristen Wig made around the same amount on its first weekend with $26.24M. While CRA brought in $26.51M. Bridesmaids went on to make $169.1M for its total domestic box office. Let’s look at the daily amounts for Bridesmaids in its first week, numbers supplied by

  • Friday: $7.83M
  • Saturday: $10.59M
  • Sunday: $7.82M
  • Monday: $2.99M
  • Tuesday: $3,41M
  • Wednesday: $2.94M
  • Thursday: $2.85M
  • Friday: $6.38M
  • Saturday: $8.17M
  • Sunday: $6.31M

Bridesmaids second weekend brought in $20.88M for only a drop of 20.4%.

The Comparison

And I think that’s going to be more likely the case with CRA too with a drop of around 20% rather than 36%. So CRA will bring in a minimum of $21M instead of the predicted 16-18M for its second week. Also look at the weekday numbers of both CRA and Bridesmaids. Notice how CRA is making more money Monday – Thursday, so I think it’s fair to assume that not only will it make more money in its second week than Bridesmaids, but it’ll make more money than Bridesmaids in total.

Talking with the people that saw CRA, most told me they plan to see it again. With a starved Asian audience looking for representation on screen and with what this movie means to them there will be a big continued turn out for this movie. Also, there is no real competition for CRA for weeks.

My Prediction

So my prediction for the grand domestic total for CRA is $185M. Not bad for a movie that cost only $30M to make and especially not bad for a movie that wasn’t supposed to break a hundred million dollars.



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