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Creepy Realistic Body Suits That Help People Cross-Dress Will Be The Next Big Trend

A company in China is producing realistic body suits that help people transform into someone else. The Eyung Crossdressing and Sex Toy Store sell it’s products online on Aliexpress. Made from high-grade food-grade silicone, you can order masks, to fake breasts, to full-on body suits. Prices range from $100 for silicone breasts to over $600 dollars for full body suits. The company sells male and female body suits.

For a little over $400, you can get the Eyung Claire female face with liquid silicone breasts.

body suits
Photo: Eyung Crossdressing Strore

However, if you want to go all out you should try the Eyung Selina full bodysuit with silicone breasts and p***y. It only costs $657.20 plus shipping and handling.

body suits
Eyung Cross Dressing Store

Here’s a male in a full body suit. After a few drinks why not.

body suit
Eyung Crossdressing store

Still more realistic and less plasticky than the Real Housewives Of Orange County.


If you would rather be a man, you can buy Eyung Old William who looks like an Asian Walter White with his pork pie hat.

body suits
Eyung Cross Dressing Store

With over one hundred different products you can achieve your dream of looking like a living sex doll.


To see the rest of the company’s YouTube channel click here. And if you want to buy some of their stuff check out Eyung Crossdressing store here. NSFW obviously.

Facebook commenters, to no ones surprise, did not seem to have a positive outlook on the suits.

I thought we were ridding ourselves of plastic because it’s polluting the planet. Next thing you know these plastic body suits will be polluting our oceans suffocating whales. Nonetheless, it seems plastic is making a comeback in the weirdest ways. First the sex dolls brothels and now this. I thought I got weird looks asking for plastic bags when I go grocery shopping, but I can’t imagine the looks the people in these suits get. But maybe that’s what they want, if so best of luck to you.

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