Dennis Rodman Had No Idea Who Kim Jung Un Was

Dennis Rodman Had No Idea Who Kim Jung Un Was When He Visited North Korea

Ex NBA star Dennis Rodman spoke up about his bromance with Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump last weekend at Politicon. Rodman who was sent to N. Korea in 2013 admitted that he didn’t even know who Kim Jung Un was when he visited. “I had never seen a picture of him at all,” Rodman said. He thought the visit was just another “paying gig” reports the New York Post. Rodman told the audience that he was the reason that Trump and Kim got together and had their meeting in Singapore. “I’m not really deep into politics, but I love to create politics. Like the North Korea thing. I created that,” Rodman said.

Dennis Rodman Had No Idea Who Kim Jung Un Was
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The meeting between Kim Jung Un and Dennis Rodman was the idea of Vice Media. After Vice went to N. Korea they learned that Kim Jung Un was a huge NBA fan and that his favorite team was the Chicago Bulls. Vice became the middleman between N. Korea and the Chicago Bulls but they hit a snag. Michael Jordan was first approached on the idea but he refused, so they settled for Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman Had No Idea Who Kim Jung Un Was
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Rodman thought that it was just a publicity trip where he would take pictures and sign autographs, but it turned out to be a whole lot more than that. He had no idea who he was about to meet or anything about N. Korea, but it hit him when he attended a basketball game and everyone in the stadium stood up in unison. “Next thing you know, 20,000 people stood up and clapped. And I’m thinking it’s for me,” Rodman said. “I look over to my left. It’s a short guy,” and that’s when his N. Korean escort told him that he was the “supreme leader.”

Rodman eventually figured out who Kim Jung Un was and a bromance had begun. While in N. Korea the both of them had a lot of fun together. “He loves basketball. We played a game … we’d water ski, jet ski, snowboard. We’d do everything,” Rodman said. Rodman also divulged other activities that Kim Jung Un liked to do. “He watched a lot of movies. He played Donkey Kong, Pac-Man. He plays a lot of cool things. Old games though.” The two of them became BFF and Rodman sang him “Happy Birthday” like Marilyn Monroe did to JFK.

The two of them got so close they became good drinking pals. Rodman in a drunken state defended Kim Jung Un in an infamous interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Rodman also has a relationship with President Trump. He grew close to Trump when he was a contestant on The Apprentice. When the moderator asked what he thought of President Trump, Rodman answered, “Everyone thinks Donald Trump is racist. I don’t think so. I support Donald Trump as a friend and what he does as president, I can’t control that.”

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