Didi Is Under Fire After 2nd Rape And Murder Under 3 Months By One Of It’s Drivers


The biggest ride-sharing company in China, Didi, is facing backlash after a woman was found raped and murdered by one of its drivers. This rape and murder comes less than 3 months after another woman, a flight attendant, was raped and murdered by another Didi driver. Didi is under fire for not implementing proper safety protocols.

This latest incident has caused Didi to suspend its carpooling service nationwide. The suspect surnamed Zhong was caught on August 25th when police raided his home and arrested him, a day after his heinous crime. The body was found in Yueqing City, Zhejiang. He is charged with the rape and murder of a 20 year old female surnamed Zhao.

On the night of the murder, the young lady Zhao messaged her friends for help, they, in turn, asked Didi to look into the matter. But Didi ignored the pleas for help. Didi also ignored a previous complaint by another passenger just a day earlier about the driver.

The anonymous passenger recalled her night with the driver on Weibo. She claims that the driver asked her to sit up in the front, then proceeded to drive to an unknown location. She luckily escaped but only after he gave chase.

The driver did not have any previous criminal records but his license plate was forged.

Didi has since apologized, let two senior members go, and said that they will financially compensate the family three times their normal amount.

Still many are calling for the cancellation of Didi over the internet until they put safety first. Didi has said that it will prioritize their safety protocols.


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