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Dog drowns in pool as owner and pet shop worker look on

A French Bulldog has died after a pet shop worker placed it in a pool and watched it drown. The owner brought the pet dog to a pet shop hoping to teach it how to swim, reports Shanghaiist. Unfortunately, neither the pet shop worker or the owner knew that French Bulldogs couldn’t swim and the dog drowned to death. The owner and the employee aren’t malicious but they are absolutely dumb.

french bulldog

On April 9, 2018, the dog owner took the French Bulldog to a pet shop in Fujian City, China. The worker places the dog into the tank and lets it go. The owner pulls out her phone and starts recording the dog. It is apparent from the start that the dog is having trouble keeping its head above water.

But the two are oblivious to the dire situation and watch on. It is only when the dog sinks to the bottom that the worker sees that something is wrong. The worker grabs a pipe and fishes the dog out, but it’s too late. The dog has gone limp and the two of them rush the dog to the vet where CPR was administered. But the dog could not be saved.

french bulldog


French Bulldogs and other brachycephalic (smooshed face) dogs have a difficult time swimming, if at all, reports Wag! Their smooshed face makes it incredibly tough for the dog to get air once in the water. On top of that, it has short legs and is top heavy, which makes it almost impossible for the dog to float.

The pet store owner apologized and is working out a settlement with the dog owner. The pet shop owner said, “This is an accident. If the dog can swim, it will swim, otherwise, it will just float and won’t sink. We don’t know why the dog sunk on that day. We’ve agreed to settle the problem privately and she asked us to pay her 15,000 Yuan ($2,235) as compensation,” reports World of Buzz.

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