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Dumbfoundeads Cafe Bleu Album Review Young Jon Is Gone

Jonathan Park also known as Dumbfoundead has had quite a career in the music scene. Dumbfoundeads Cafe Bleu is the seventh album he has released. The new album or mini album, it only has six songs, is his farewell to his young self.

He burst into the public consciousness through his battle raps and transferred it into making rap music. The 32-year-old Korean rapper has had more name changes than Puffy or whatever he calls himself these days. From Dumbfoundead, Old Boy Jon, Parker, back to Dumbfoundead and now Dummie or just Dumb, it seems that he’s not quite sure where he fits in this music landscape. And as he get’s older it just seems the confusion is starting to get worse. Dumbfoundeads Cafe Bleu shows this but lets ‘s start off with his new fashion sense because a new album deserves a new look.

Following the colorful styles of rappers like Tekasih69 but in a more subtle direction, Dumb uses vibrant colors. However, he can’t quite commit to the whole look of having face tattoos and rainbow hair. He’s too old for that. That’s not his generation. So he’s left with a look that makes him look like he’s trying to be youthful. But it doesn’t quite work for him with his multiple misplaced man buns or braids or whatever he did with his hair.

Dubmfoundeads Cafe Bleu
Instagram: Dumbfoundead

He looks like the offspring of O-dog from “Menace To Society” if he didn’t kill the Korean liquor store lady and instead made love to her.

Dubmfoundeads Cafe Bleu
New Line Cinema/Menace II Society

Rap is a young person’s game and Dummie is at a place where he isn’t quite too old to throw in the towel, but he knows that his final fights are coming up. And his new album Cafe Bleu might signal the last sunset in his rapping career.

The album named after an old mainstay bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Dumb mellows out his music like he had a little too much alcohol. But drinking is different as an old man than when you were younger. As a young person, you drink to get as drunk as possible so you can get as wild as possible. But when you’re older you drink to chill and reminisce about the good old days. On “Washed”, Dumb reflects on his past and present and the cruelties of getting old. “Went from young and dangerous to making all of my payments. When I get wasted s**t it takes two days to get fixed,” Dumb raps, over an upbeat childish beat. Then he sings the hook with the words, “But today I’m feelin washed. And off, my game, And I feel my age.”

Dumbfoundeads Cafe Bleu might just be an album made just for himself. His chaotic style and his witty rap seem to be gone in exchange for more singing and introspection. He has nothing left to prove at least in the rap game and he knows it’s time to move on. Still, he has a defiant side where he tries to prove that he still has a youthful rebellious side. On “Chill Foo”, which sounds like a pop-punk rock song from the early 2000s that Blink 182 would make if they used autotune, Dumb sings about having his friends telling him to relax.

“I think I might be going to hard. They tell me that I’m taking it way too far,” Dumb sings. “Ain’t trynna figure out who’s right or who’s wrong.

“You got me f**ked up. Who do you think you are.

“I need to chill. Nah you chill. All the homies in my face like chill fool chill.

“Nah you chill 

“Don’t ever tell me to chill

“That’s real.”

But this song seems unnecessary. He’s living a square life drinking smoothies and meeting up with fans to go jogging together. That rock star life seems like a relic from the past so it seems odd that anyone would tell him to chill out when he’s already doing so.

This is Dumb telling the world that he’s transitioning. He now does a podcast and plans on getting more heavy into acting. He’ll drop some music here and there in the future but it won’t be his priority anymore. Dumbfoundeads Cafe Bleu shows us that he’s matured and has his sights on different endeavors. The rawness of youth, the vigor of Old Boy Jon is gone. He’s now just old man Jon.

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