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Durian fruit will make you fail a breathalyzer test

The world’s stinkiest fruit is guilty of something else than being just nasty. If you eat durian fruit, you can end up arrested if you’re not careful. That’s what happened to a driver in the Nantong, Jiangsu province in China. He was pulled over by the police after he was suspected of driving under the influence. The man surnamed Jiang protested the stoppage and denied that he drank alcohol. The cops gave him a breathalyzer test and he failed it, reports Pear News. The driver told the cops that all he had to eat or drink was durian fruit. He blamed durian fruit as the reason he failed the breathalyzer test. “I didn’t drink! I’ve still got the husk of the durian I just ate. Take me for a blood test.” he said.

So that’s what the police officers did. They took the stinky breath man to the hospital where doctors drew blood. The blood test came back negative and it proved that he was not drinking alcohol while he was driving.

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This cleared the man but the police wanted a more definitive answer in whether durian fruit can create a false positive. An investigation was launched.

Police officer Yu Pengxiang ate some durian fruit to test his breath.

durian fruit
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He blew on the breathalyser and it came back positive for alcohol. His test came back with a reading of 36mg per 100 ml, almost double the legal blood alcohol limit for driving. The police concluded that because of durian’s high sugar count, it can turn into alcohol if it is ripe enough.

There you go. Another reason not to eat the fruit. The smelly fruit is so pungent that it’s banned in certain areas in some countries. But it is considered a delicacy and the “king of fruits” in South East Asia. In Indonesia, some durian fruits sell as high as $1000. So to each his own.

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