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Ellen DeGeneres Facing Online Anger Over Insensitive Remarks Aimed At Constance Wu

Ellen DeGeneres is facing online backlash for an interview she did with Constance Wu back in April. When Constance Wu and Henry Golding went on The Ellen Show to promote ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, Ellen Degeneres asked a question that some felt was an insensitive remark towards Constance Wu. Ellen faced backlash when the interview originally aired and now she’s facing backlash again after she posted the interview online following the release of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

Ellen asked Constance Wu, “So where are you from?” to which Constance replied, “Richmond Virginia”. Which elicited laughter from the audience. Ellen then asks her, “Richmond, Virginia?”, to which Constance replied, “mmhmm”.

This exchange got Ellen into some heat over the insensitive question she asked. Many felt that a question like “where are you from?”, makes Asians feel like they will never be considered American and forever considered a foreigner.

From EllenTube Facebook Page
From EllenTube Facebook Page

This is just getting outraged over nothing. I sympathize with Asians who had to deal with questions coming from racists but this wasn’t the case. I don’t think Ellen had any ill intentions by asking her a simple question. Everybody just needs to chill.

Check out the whole video here. The exchange starts at 1:34.

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