Entitled Asian woman gets fired for ruining birthday party



The Asian woman who ruined a birthday party by sitting down at a private table has been identified as Sonya Pate. Kodili Okechukwu who was at the Solis hotel having the birthday party with her friends taped the whole incident and uploaded it on Facebook. In the video, Kodili asks the woman to leave but the inebriated woman tells her to “shut the f**k up, I’m not leaving”. It kept escalating until Kodili’s group was eventually asked to leave.

It didn’t take long before the internet found out who the entitled Asian woman was. She¬†works for Porsche Annapolis. It might explain why she thought she owned the place. Kodili Okechukwu who posted the incident on Facebook posted a new message identifying who she is and what happened that night.

Porsche of Annapolis has since responded by firing Sonya Pate. 

Twitter user @tariqnasheed has posted more information about her and apparently, she’s Caucasian.

Well, that’s somewhat surprising considering she looks Asian. Maybe she’s part Asian. Or maybe she’s Asian but doesn’t consider herself to be Asian anymore. Anyway, there are still some people that believe that her firing is not enough and the whole management needs to go.


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