Entitled Asian woman spoils dinner at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

Twitter user @_Kodilichukwu has posted a tweet thread that has gone viral. It shows an Asian Woman sitting down at a reserved table for a birthday party at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta Georgia. @_Kodilichukwu tells her to leave her table but the unidentified Asian woman refuses to leave, laughs at her, taunts her, and tells her to “shut the f**k up”.

@_Kodilichukwu explains what happens below

Eventually, the manager comes along and tries to figure out what the situation is as the Asian woman continues to laugh.

The manager tries to calm the situation down.

@_Kodilichukwu and her friend thinks the reason the Asian woman hasn’t been kicked out is because of racism. You can hear her friend say, “If this was turned around…”. Then the Asian woman gets up and approaches @_Kodilichukwu and her friend and they exchange insults at each other. Her friend says “you ain’t shit” while @_Kodilichukwu says “You fifty nine years old.”.

@_Kodilichukwu and her friends have had enough and finally leave the premises.


I can’t say if this was racism or not. Most likely to me it was just an Entitled Asian woman who probably got a little buzzed and started to act like a fool. Arrogance was dripping off her face more than her make up, but Twitter has to Twitter. Most people on the timeline thought it was anti-black racism by the company and and the Asian woman.



Then the usual suspects will come out and say dumb stuff like this.

asian privilege

She makes a good point that Asians can do better but I’m sort of tired of hearing how Asians are the “privileged group”.

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