Daniel William Hiers and his murdered wife Photo: Crime Watch

Ex-Cop Daniel William Hiers Suspected Of Murdering His Wife Found Teaching English In China

The Chinese internet was abuzz last week when a Chinese woman, surnamed Wang, said that her former English teacher in China was a fugitive on the run. The fugitive is named Daniel William Hiers and he is wanted for the murder of his wife and the molestation of a 10-year-old girl.

Daniel William Hiers


Wang, who now lives in the United States, recognized the man when she was looking over the U.S Marshal’s 15 Most Wanted list.  She remembered him because he was a “popular foreign English teacher” who was “well-liked by women” and that he was “tall and handsome” reports Shanghaiist. But what really made him stick out was that he tried to get with one of her friends but she ended up turning him down, which led to him being angry and sexually harassing her with pornographic images.

daniel william hiers
Photo: Crime Watch

The Chinese citizens were outraged that a wanted man was able to work at a Chinese University. They blamed the school and immigration for not doing a thorough background check. While others on the internet, mostly foreigners, thought that what Wang was saying was ridiculous. They thought Wang was mistaking one white man for another because all white people look alike in the eyes of a Chinese person. Plus, it was just Chinese netizens being paranoid and stereotyping English teachers as unsavory characters. But it turned out Wang was right because Daniel William Hiers has been arrested reports Live 5 News.

Daniel William Hiers and his ex wife
Heirs and his ex wife Photo: Crime Watch

Daniel Hiers was living under the name of “David Williams” in Shanghai teaching English at a local University. Hiers’ has been on the run since 2005 after he was accused of murdering his wife. He was a former Charleston police officer who was charged with molesting a 10-year-old in 2004. In 2005 he quit the force and was supposed to turn himself in over the molestation charge but he never did. When police went to his house he was gone and his wife, Ludimila, was dead due to a gunshot wound to the head. The last time the police saw him was when he showed up on surveillance tape taking out money from an ATM a couple days after he allegedly murdered his wife. Ever since then the trail went cold and the police had no leads.

For 13 years the U.S Marshals followed one dead end after another. That is until Wang’s post started to circulate online. She posted her story with a photo on September 10, 2018, and that’s when police took action. The Chinese authorities have arrested Daniel William Hiers and have him in custody. The US Marshals are waiting for Hier’s extradition and will try him for the murder of his wife in South Carolina.

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