conjoined twins
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Famous conjoined twins happy to have not been separated

18-year-old conjoined twins from India believe that their condition is a “gift from God.” Shivanath and Shivram Sahu went viral in 2014 when they first appeared on television. The boys from Raipur amazed audiences with their ability to wash and dress themselves. Since then a pediatric doctor offered up his services to separate them, but the boys refused the offer and choose to remain conjoined. And they believe that it was the best decision they ever made and said they are happy with their choice.

conjoined twins
Barcroft TV

In a recent interview with Barcroft TV, the boys said, “We are two bodies, one soul.” The boys share two legs and a stomach but have independent hearts, lungs, and arms. “We have a very unique gift from God. We have two legs and four hands and we are in one body.”

Because of their condition, they have become famous and many people go to see them. “We became famous, so people come to see us and when they see us they’re surprised,” they said.

There was a time when they were younger that they could have been separated but they chose not too. Now they couldn’t get separated if they wanted to due to health complications from the surgery.

conjoined twins
Barcroft TV

The boys are able to get around surprisingly well. They help each other to walk, clean each other, ride a bicycle, and do each other’s hair. However, due to their condition, they are unable to get jobs.

Their father, Raj Kumar Sahu, is worried about his boys and what their future will hold. He takes care of them now but he knows he can’t do it forever. He is asking the government for some help. “I have tried so many times. But no government authorities have ever listened to us…I am tired of asking for support. I have been waiting and running here and there but nothing happens.”

Regardless, of what their job status is, the conjoined twins are happy and their village loves them. “We love getting attention. It feels good when people know who you are,” they said. Check out the video below.

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