Fan Bingbing Spotted
Instagram: bingbing_fan

Fan Bingbing Spotted For The First Time Since Her Disappearance

Fan Bingbing has finally been spotted out in public for the first time since her mysterious disappearance. The biggest star of China disappeared about three months ago without a word. It turned out that Fan Bingbing was under investigation for tax fraud. There were a lot of rumors that Fan Bingbing had been arrested by the Chinese government and had been forbidden from leaving China reports Shanghaiist. Other rumors said that she was forbidden to act and that she sought asylum in the United States. But it turned out that Fan Bingbing cheated on her taxes.

Fan Bingbing had been using Ying Yang contracts to not pay taxes on all her income. A Ying Yang contract is two contracts for the same job. One of the contracts would be reported to the government while the other wouldn’t. These contracts would help her pocket millions without paying any taxes. So she got busted and she got penalized. She has to now pay about $130 million in back taxes and penalties if she wants to avoid jail time.

Fan Bingbing Spotted
Instagram: bingbing_fan

After the government released a statement, Fan Bingbing released a statement on her Weibo account that she was “deeply ashamed” and she was sorry for what she had done. Still, people wondered where Fan Bingbing was. She wasn’t spotted in public until now.

In the new paparazzi photos, Fan Bingbing is spotted in Beijing waiting for her car. She’s waiting for her ride hiding behind a baseball cap and is in all black, while some man holds an umbrella trying to block the paparazzi.

Fan Bingbing Spotted

Fan Bingbing Spotted

It is yet unknown if Fan Bingbing has paid off her debts. Fan Bingbing has been the highest paid celebrity in China for the last four years according to Forbes. Her last estimated yearly income came in at about $46 million. At this time, seeing Fan Bingbing in public is like seeing Bigfoot. There are pictures but you just don’t know.

All photos courtesy of Weibo.

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