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Filipina Marvel character Wave based on actress Nadine Lustre

Back in March of this year, comic book writer Greg Pak revealed the first image of “Wave,” Marvel’s new comic book character. There isn’t much information about Wave and she’s somewhat of a mystery at this time, but one thing we do know is that she’s Filipina. Her first appearance will be in May when the first issue of “War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas” comes out. The drawing looks great and that’s due to Mico Suayan, a fellow Filipino, who helped create her. And Suayan’s inspiration for the look of Wave came from another Filipina, Nadine Lustre.

Nadine Lustre is a Filipino actress and pop singer. The 25-year old was shocked to find out she was the inspiration for Wave. During a Sketchers fashion show last Saturday, Phistar Global asked her about the drawing. “OMG, I was shocked when I heard it the first time,” she said. “Actually, it was one of my friends who showed me.

nadine lustre
Instagram: nadine

“It’s really flattering and it’s such an honor kasi we all know Wave is the very first Filipina character in (Marvel) and I’m really grateful.”

From the released picture, she seems to be an underwater character, sort of like Aquaman. However, instead of a trident like Aquaman, she seems to be carrying some kind of glowing swords. The swords might be a traditional weapon from the Philippines called a Kampilan.

It is believed she will join Marvel’s league of Asian superheroes which include Shang Chi and Amadeus Cho. Together they will be fighting dark elves who are trying to take over Asia.

It’s an exciting time to be a comic book lover and seeing all these Asian faces as superheroes. This is a far cry from the past where Asian superheroes just didn’t exist. The first Asian superhero, Green Turtle, was not even allowed to be Asian. The publishers demanded the creator of the Green Turtle, Chu Fook Hing, to not reveal the identity of his character. This really bothered him and made him draw his character in a way to never show his face. That way he could imagine his own character to be Chinese. Now, thanks to pioneers like Chu Fook Hing, we’re really seeing a lot of cool Asian superheroes and soon we’re going to be able to see the first Asian led superhero in Marvel’s Shang Chi on the big screen.

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