Filipino College Students Pranks McDonalds By Putting Poster Of Themselves On Their Wall For Asian Representation

Photo: @Jevholution Twitter and Youtube



Two Filipino College Students committed an awesome prank at their local Mcdonalds that has the internet buzzing. @Jevholution put a large poster of himself and his friend Christian on the inside of a Mcdonalds in Houston because he didn’t see any posters inside with Asian faces. The University of Houston senior, aged 21, says, “If you haven’t noticed there isn’t a lot of Asians represented in the media and hopefully one day I could see someone like me on the big screen.” So @Jevholution instead of just complaining decided to take action and do his part to represent Asians.



“…One day my bud Christian and I were eating at Mcdonald’s munching on some snack wraps. I look up and I see a blank wall and I tell Christian hey what if we put a picture of us on there,” @Jevholution says.

mcdonalds blank wall

“Look around there are literally no Asians in any of these walls,” @Jevholution says as he looks at the many posters featuring people of many races but no Asians. “Maybe we can change that…”

mcdonalds posters

So @Jevholution and Christian took a picture of themselves holding a burger and some fries at their neighborhood event center because he noticed the other pictures were in front of “natural environments.”

event center

They then edited it and sent the picture to Office Depot to get it blown up as a poster.

After they went to a local thrift shop and bought a Mcdonald’s t-shirt for $7. He added a fake badge with the name “Jeff Vergara Regional Interior Coordinator”, a walkie-talkie, and a tie to complete his outfit.

mcdonalds shirt

mcdonalds uniform

A week later the poster arrives and they set a date to put the fake poster up on the wall.



When the day arrives he meets up with three of his friends at the Mcdonalds. Nervous, they wait till the area is cleared and that’s when @Jevholution takes off his jacket revealing his Mcdonalds uniform and directs his friends to put the poster up.

mcdonalds poster

“Oh my God, Mission Accomplished!,” @Jevholution says driving away from the Mcdonalds with his friends.


It has been 51 days and the poster is still up. “…until this day I could say that the poster has been up since and I really hope they’ll never take it down,” @Jevholution says.

poster on the wall

He concludes his video with, “Remember folks all races deserve recognition and I guess I did my part.”

poster on mcdonalds wall

@Jevholutions tweet about his prank has received over 470,000 likes and over 119,000 retweets.

Many congratulated him on his awesome prank but some thought it was a clever marketing campaign coordinated by the Mcdonalds corporation. But @Jevholutions brushed off the criticism and maintained it was genuine.

Good job guys! Crazy Rich Asians, Searching, and now this. Asian Representation on every level.

Check out the whole video below:

All photos courtesy of @Jevholutions Twitter and Youtube channel


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