Krystyna Hutchinson and Corrine Fisher Are Being Called Racist
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Guys We F**ked Podcast Hosts Krystyna Hutchinson and Corrine Fisher Are Being Called Racist By Black And Asian People

Guys We F**ked is a popular podcast hosted by Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher where they talk about the guys they’ve slept with. It’s portrayed by the two comedians as an “anti-slut-shaming podcast” that seeks to entertain while bringing some female positivity. But a clip of the show that went viral has many people calling them racist for sexually objectifying black men and reducing them to a stereotype.

corinne fisher and krystyna hutchinson
Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson

Twitter @Oloni posted the clip with the tweet, “Really disappointed with a sex podcast. I respected their work & even brought their book till they started fetishizing black men. Dear white women, black men are not sexual objects you can tick off your bucket list for your own sexual gratification. The drag will be postponed.”

In the clip, Fisher is discussing her sexual relationship with a black guy. “I had sex with two dudes, and one was the black guy. It was my second black guy though. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, is that your first black guy? And I’m like, um, excuse me, I’ve been fucking black guys since the early 2000s, thank you very much.”

Her cohost, Hutchinson responded, “Yeah, but you even said your first one didn’t count.”

Fisher replied back, “But this was like a real black guy, like basketball player height, stature, deep voice, lives uptown. Does he have a deep voice? Yeah, he has a deep voice.

Hutchinson: “He looks pretty black.”

Fisher: “He’s pretty black”

Hutchinson: “He’s very handsome.”

Fisher: “Ugh he is very handsome. He doesn’t act black enough though but he was this weekend, so it was okay.”

Hutchinson: “What do you mean? Like, talk black?”

Fisher: “Well, I just mean, like, act, more like…thug, I don’t like people…black people who act like white people.  And I know we’re gonna get a bunch of letters like, ‘What do black people act like?’ Guys, we all fucking know when we say stereotypically what black people act like, and that’s what I like.”

Many were quick to comment that it was racist and dehumanizing.

“The dehumanizing in this clip is real, these women talk about black men like they on safari,” Kaikyo No Jinbe said.

twitter replies

“This is actually disgusting,” another commenter said.

2 guys we replied

Krystyna Hutchinson issued an apology.

Krystyna Hutchinson apology

But @Oloni wasn’t having it.

@Oloni reply


This, however, wasn’t the last of it. A couple of people went through their tweets and found out that she had made disparaging remarks against Asians.

@j_maraan tweeted, “Oh and she’s said racist s**t about Asians too. Surprise, surprise.”

Corinne Fisher tweeted out, “Daniel Tosh is being so racist tonight I am starting to think he’s part Asian.” and “Making fun of Asian people is my shrimp cocktail. Cock. Ha.” along with many other tweets making fun of Asians.

While her co-host Krystyna Hutchinson tweeted out, “Asian men are the only race of men I’m not into, yet they’re the only guys that won’t harass me on the street. What does that say about me” and “You know you haven’t seen your one Asian friend enough when you think every Asian chick is your one Asian friend.” 

For more of their tweets click @j_maraan’s tweets below.

@Lolitas_Love tweeted out “Not only do they fetishize our Black and Mexican Men but they also stereotype and say racist s**t about Asians? White women ain’t s**t; they’re just as bad as white men…feminist/ally my ASS” an uncovered more of her offensive tweets.

“Just saw a super hot Asian guy outside my apartment in Harlem, so kids, anything is possible!” Corinne Fisher tweeted.

“All the chinky eyed people keep naming them selfs “China Doll, can y’all please come up with something more original?”

corinne fisher tweet

@Asian Railroader tweeted his thoughts on the subject.

As more and more people started to call the girls out Krystyna tweeted.

krystyna hutchinson reply

But people weren’t happy with the response.

twitter response

twitter response twitter response


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