Happy Late Birthday Jeremy Lin the GOAT

Jeremy Lin
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Jeremy Lin the GOAT, the first Chinese American NBA basketball player turned 30 years old on August 23rd, 2018. Happy Late Birthday Jeremy. Some say Michael Jordan some say Lebron┬áJames, well I say Jeremy Lin because of the minority rule. If a person of one race breaks into an area where they are not represented you have to back that person no matter what if you’re the same race. It a burden and a blessing.

If you’re Asian you know who Jeremy Lin is and his whole story. His story is about a guy that overachieved and beat the odds. He wasn’t as physically gifted as other players which led him to be often overlooked. This probably messed with his confidence but he didn’t quit. That’s being Asian in a nutshell.

I haven’t been following Jeremy for a while because I’ve pretty much lost all my interest in basketball. With the refs that decide games and the last two minutes that last an hour because everyone’s fouling and shooting free throws, it’s just not that fun to watch anymore.

Last I’ve heard of Jeremy Lin he had been traded to Atlanta after he was jumping around from team to team. He’s not the player he once was due to the injuries but I’ll always remember ‘Linsanity’ and also when he got dreads and people wondered if he was a culture vulture or not. So happy late Birthday and thanks for the memories.


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