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HBO Developing New Show Called KTown Starring Greta Lee

HBO will develop a new dark comedy called “KTown” that takes place in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Korean American Greta Lee will write and star in the show reports Deadline. Greta, who is best known for playing Soojin on “Girls”, will work with fellow Korean American Jason Kim to develop the series. “Jason and I both have a lot of experiencing working with them [HBO], it’s a very comfy place for us. The show is going to be largely about our families, because it takes place in Koreatown, L.A. … We met in New York, he was a writer on Girls, and back when I was playing Soojin — also, let’s be real, there are like two Koreans around in this business. So it’s like, ‘Hey! You!’,” Lee told Grub Street. 

The show will revolve around a “kingpin” family surnamed “Kang” in Koreatown. Lee will play “Yumi, self-proclaimed Brentwood Barbie and daughter of the Kang family, who reconnects with her ’embarrassing’ Korean roots to become a powerful Korean woman.”

Jason Kim met Yumi Lee when they both worked on “Girls”. Kim was a producer on girls and his other credits include writing the off-broadway musical “KPOP” and being a producer on another HBO show “Barry” starring Bill Hader.

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