Henry Golding And Jon Chu Bought Out A Theater To Help Out Fellow Asian John Cho



When ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ came out many Asian Americans bought out theaters and gave away free tickets under the #goldopen to help the movie make some serious cash in its opening weekend. The #goldopen hashtag spread and many more Asians followed suit. This along with the support of all the Asians that came out helped the movie capture the number one spot and bring in over 35 million dollars for its first 5 days. So to try to keep the momentum going of Asian movies having mainstream success, Henry Golding and Jon Chu bought out a theater for a screening of ‘Searching’ starring John Cho that comes out today. If you’re in Century City and want to see a free movie go check this out.

Jon Chu posted this on his Twitter account.

While Henry Golding posted this on his Instagram.

It’s a great look to see Asians supporting other Asians. That’s what we need to start doing if we want to see any kind of progress in the arts. I don’t believe in just blindly supporting all Asian related products just because of an Asian face but I do believe we should support it if the product is good. And ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Searching’ are good movies. So go out there and show some love.

‘Searching’ currently holds a 92% on rottetomatoes.com and it’s about a dad (John Cho) trying to find his missing daughter.

Also look at this picture taken at the premiere of ‘Searching’ and tell me how could you not support that.


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