Hippo attacks and kills Chinese man in Kenya



A Hippo attacks and kills a Chinese tourist Chang Ming Chuang at a resort in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

Chang Ming Chaung, 66, and other tourists were tracking the animal to take pictures of it. They got too close and the hippo went on the attack. The hippo bit Chang Ming Chaung on the chest then he attacked another tourist, 62-year-old Wu Peng Te. Both were rushed to the Naivasha District Hospital.

The Kenya Wildlife Service tweeted out that Chang Ming Chang had died at the hospital while Wu Peng Te had survived the attack with minor bruises.

The Kenya Wildlife Service tweeted out they are tracking the animal.

According to The Kenyan Star newspaper,

Chairman of Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association David Kilo said the rise in water levels had contributed to the increase in hippo attacks.

He said when the water rises, pasture for the hippos is reduced, forcing the animals to stray into nearby hotels and farms.

Hippos have killed six people in Naivasha since the beginning of this year. Hippos are considered the most dangerous land mammal killing about 500 people per year in Africa. They are highly aggressive, territorial, and quick.


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