Jakkrit Khomsing

HIV Infected Thai Army Sergeant Jakkrit Khomsing Accused Of Raping Over 70 Teenage Boys

Police have arrested an HIV positive Thai Army Sergeant for the crime of raping about 75 boys, aged 13 – 18 years old. The 43-year-old named Jakkrit Khomsing was arrested on Wednesday at his house in the Khon Kaen province’s Nam Phong district, reports Coconuts Bangkok. The head of the crime task force, Sgt. Surachate Hakparn, said that they found HIV medication when they raided his home. They soon tested Khomsing for HIV and the results came back positive. Khomsing confessed to the crimes. “We have evidence that he raped the boys, about 75 of them… and he confessed,” Hakparn said.

Jakkrit Khomsing

Jakkrit Khomsing used the gay dating app Blued to find his victims. He would catfish the young boys with a picture of a young attractive man.  After, he would ask the teenage boys to send him compromising pictures of themselves. When they finally met up, the teenage boys would realize that they were catfished. However, Khomsing would blackmail the boys with threats of releasing the compromising pictures to the public if they didn’t have sex with him.

The police were alerted to Khomsing when a victim contacted the Thai police task force through Facebook. The police found out that Khomsing had been sexually assaulting teenage boys for the last 4 years. Khomsing had been infected with the disease since 2009.

Jakkrit Khomsing

“Even though the suspect is a soldier, this behavior — and I’ve consulted with army commander — is a personal issue, not an organizational one,” Hakparn said.

The police have charged  Jakkrit Khomsing with 6 offenses including the rape of underage children, which carries a sentence of up 20 years in prison.

So far the police have identified and located the names of only 28 victims. The police Sgt told reporters it will take some time to identify the teenage boys because they are underage. The Sgt emphasized that HIV testing and counseling will be available to the victims.

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