CPR For Five Hours
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Hospital Staff Performs CPR For Five Hours To Save 8 Year Old Boy’s Life

The Changzhou Children’s Hospital staff are getting praise after they performed CPR on an 8 year-old-boy for five hours, saving his life, reports Sina News. The boy, identified as Xiao Yu, was admitted into the hospital following severe abdominal pains and a high fever. The 8-year-old had been diagnosed with gastroenteritis on a previous visit but did not see his symptoms improve. A doctor reexamined him and thought that the boy might be suffering from a heart condition.

chinese hospital staff

After some testing, the doctor was right. The boy had inflammation of the heart called myocarditis which causes abdominal pain. Doctors at the hospital did not have the equipment to treat the boy. They needed an Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation(ECMO) machine but the closest one was in Shanghai.

The boy was sent to ICU and awaited transfer to a hospital in Shanghai where he could be treated. Unfortunately, before the transfer can take place, the boy’s blood pressure plummeted and he went into cardiac arrest. The boy’s father begged the doctors to save his son’s life while the mother needed help herself after she fainted.

Thirty hospital staff members performed CPR for five hours to save the boys life. Each member performed CPR for two minutes then the next staff member continued the compressions. This rotation went on for five exhausting hours until help from Shanghai arrived.

hospital staff
The exhausted hospital staff

The boy is doing better now and has sent the hospital staff a thank you post. “I am Xiao Yu. I love you and want to thank you for your strength. When I get better I want to come back and thank the doctors and nurses who are now my uncles and aunts. I sincerely thank my uncles and aunts.”

The father of the boy spread the word on the hospital staffs amazing feat. And now the staff members are being hailed as heroes by the Chinese netizens.

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