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Howmuch.net has created a cool map that shows how much money a country makes from tourism. The map was created from data collected by the World Tourism Organization. Unsurprisingly, the United States came out on top with an estimated $211 billion a year from tourism.

What is surprising is that Thailand is the highest listed Asian country bringing in $57 billion a year. That’s around 7% of Thailands annual GDP which stands at a little over $400 billion a year. Thailand always was a hotbed for tourism with its beautiful beaches and it’s almost Deadwood like atmosphere, but $57 billion dollars is just amazing. I’m pretty sure Elon Musk has a theory about why Thailand makes so much tourist money.

elon musk

Another surprising Asian country that makes the top ten list is Macau. The tiny island only has a little over 600,000 residents but brings in an estimated $36 billion in tourist revenue. With an annual GDP of around $50 billion, tourist income is at around 70%. Macao is the second highest Asian country on the top ten list beating out Japan who brings in $34 billion. Macau makes most of its money in it’s Casinos. Macau overtook Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world bringing in an estimated $28 billion a year in gaming vs Las Vegas which brought in $11.1 billion in 2016.

The Top Ten:

1. USA: $211B

2. Spain: $68B

3. France: $61B

4. Thailand: $57B

5. United Kingdom: $51B

6. Italy: $44B

7. Australia: $42B

8. Germany: $40B

9. Macau: $36B

10. Japan: $34B

I thought India and China would bring in much more money considering the size of the countries and their rich histories, but they couldn’t crack the top ten. China came close with $33B while India brought in $27B.  The west easily beats out the east in money brought in from tourism.

Asia’s Top Ten

  1. Thailand: $57B
  2. Macau: $36B
  3. Japan: $34B
  4. China: $33B (tied)
  5. Hong Kong: $33B
  6. India: $27B
  7. Singapore: $20B
  8. Malaysia: $18B
  9. Indonesia: $13B (tied)
  10. S.Korea: $13B

Collectively the world brings in around 1.3 trillion dollars in tourism bucks. So if you’re traveling, check out Asia, it’s a pretty cool place and check out howmuch.net for more interesting facts.


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