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Idiotic Truck Driver Hurls Racist Slurs At Cardboard Cutout Of Sunny Singh

A video showing a truck driver hurling racist insults at a cutout of a Sikh city council candidate has sparked outrage over the “appalling” video. In the video, the unidentified white truck driver directs his anger at a cutout of Sunny Singh, a Sikh city council candidate, who is running for Port Augusta City Council in Australia. Singh told ABC News that he nor his friends could watch the whole video, “None of the people who know me or have met me in the past, they could not watch the whole video.”  

In the video, the unidentified trucker is driving his truck while the life-size cardboard cut out of Sunny Singh sits shotgun.

Sunny Singh

The white truck driver starts to hurl racist insults at the cardboard cutout such as, “Don’t you spill your f***ing Tandoori curry all over my seat cover. You slippery trout f**k.”

Sunny Singh

“I don’t know how the f**k they did it in New Delhi, but here this is F***ing Australia,” the trucker continues. “We eat steak, we drink beer, and we follow the f***ing rules when you work for me.”

The video cuts to different scenarios where the truck driver insults the cardboard cut out. In one moment he gets into his truck, where the cardboard cut out is waiting for him, with Indian music playing on the radio. “What the f**k is this s**t. Turn your f**king Bluetooth off. I told you, fit in or f**k off!” the truck driver said while slamming the face of the cardboard cutout on the dash. “Fit in or F**k off!

Sunny Singh

At the end of the video, the cardboard cutout of Sunny Singh is run over by another truck.

Sunny Singh

“Ah for f**k’s sake, you’re hit,” he yells at the cutout. Then he runs away to his truck cursing, “You useless f**ing immigrant c***, you slippery trout.”

The video which was originally posted on a national trucking page on Facebook has been taken down. The mayor of Port Augusta, Sam Johnson, said he was, “Appalled, absolutely appalled, gutted, outrageous. In today’s society, what would possess anyone to do that? Clearly, a lot of effort was put into that. How can that be entertaining when you’re personally an individual or a race?”

Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh, an Indian Immigrant, owner of a  taxi company, and founder of the city’s Sikh church said that he was surprised by the video. He told ABC News, that he has never been a target of racism in Port Augusta, “I was amazed how welcoming the people of Port Augusta were when I came here.”  After the video went viral, Sunny Singh was surprised by the community’s support. “This morning I saw Facebook and I saw hundreds of messages and comments supporting me,” Singh said.

The trucking company, “Grant Moroney Trucking”, was suspended as a provider for Mogas. The “Grant Moroney Trucking” was one of six trucking companies contracted by Mogas. The general manager, Rick Conti, told ABC News that “As for Moroney’s post on social media, we do not support his views and completely refute this type of behavior. These views are racist comments and abhorrent, as we reject them completely”

The South Australian police are investigating the matter as of now.


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