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Indian rape victim set on fire kills her attacker by burning him to death

A woman in India is the ultimate badass for killing her rapist in the most badass way. The Indian woman was in her home, in the north of Kolkata in eastern India, on Monday, when a rapist broke into her house. The widow was the only person in her home as her daughters were out. The 42-year-old suspect attacked and raped her. Already horrible but it gets worse.

The suspect then burned the 35-year-old rape victim. “Then he poured kerosene on her body and set her on fire,” police officer Sajal Kanti Biswas told the AFP, reports the Gulf News. But this lady was not going to die without taking her rapist with her. She grabbed him and dragged him into the flames and set him on fire.

The best part of this awful story is that she ended up surviving while the suspect died from his injuries. She’s in the hospital recovering from burns to her face and hands while the rapist will be buried. Now that’s leaning in.

India has had some high profile rape cases that shocked the nation. In 2016, there were over 100 rapes a day in India. This has started a women’s rights movement demanding tougher sentences to suspects. While some women have taken matters into their own hands. The government has recently put in tougher measures against sexual assault but the women think it’s not good enough. They think a change in culture is necessary.

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