Indian Twin Brothers

Indian Twin Brothers Marry Indian Twin Sisters

Indian twin brothers Leiju and Liju Chirayath, 35, do everything together. They dress the same, eat the same food, and attended the same schools. The two brothers from Palakkad India are inseparable. After they received their education they got jobs but in different cities in India. This arrangement didn’t last long. “We did our studies together and wear the same clothes. After school, we moved to different cities and realized we can’t live without each other. So we said we’d marry twin sisters,” Leiju told the Daily Mail.

Indian Twin Brothers

So when it came to love, they decided that marrying twins was the only option. Their parents had tried to find them potential partners but they all fell through even though they got several proposals. Marrying non-identical women was just out of the question.

But finding love is difficult, and finding twins to love seemed almost impossible. That is until they took their love lives into their own hands. The brothers created a group on Orkut designed to meet Twins in India. To their pleasant surprise, 500 members joined in a few months. In that 500, they met Hima and Lima, who also made a vow to each other that they would stay together for the rest of their lives. Additionally, they told each other that they would only marry other twins. Hima told the Daily Mail, “Like Leiju and Liju, we too were similarly inseparable. Like our husbands, we sisters had a vow to marry twins or stay unmarried all our life.” So destiny stepped in and these four became best friends when they met. They shared the same values and the same principles in life.

Indian Twin Brothers

Three years later the brothers decided it was time to propose. However, there was one big problem. They didn’t decide who should be with who. They went to their parents with this dilemma and their parents had the perfect solution. “Our parents decided that, as their eldest son, I would marry the oldest sister, Hima, and my slightly younger brother Liju would wed Hima’s younger sister, Lima,” Leiju said.

So the brothers proposed and they got married in 2012. One year later Hima gave birth to a boy named Atheev. 13 days later Lima gave birth to a girl named Atheeva. They all live in the same house in Palakkad, Kerala, India.

Indian Twin Brothers

The two kids look like each other even though they are not twins. “Although they are not twins, they look alike. They are inseparable too and love each other very much,” Hima said.

In a house full of twins it seems like it can get confusing, but Hima said that their husbands can easily identify who is who. Hima added, “I have a mole on my face while Lima doesn’t have any. That makes it easy for our husbands to identify who is who. Same is with Liju and Leiju, we and our relatives can easily identify them. But someone meeting them for the first time is surely going to be confused.”

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