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Instagram Comedian called out for doing Vietnamese nail salon impersonation

Instagram comedian Jasmin Brown is facing criticism after she posted a video of herself doing a Vietnamese nail salon impersonation. The comedian who goes by the Instagram handle @watchjazzy posted the video 4 days ago where she’s seen working on someone’s foot. The comedian relies on a heavy Vietnamese accent to punch her sketch up.

In the post that was sent out to her 1 million followers, she wrote, “Woo chilee the nail shooppp” with the caption “Nail shops be like…” on the video. “My name is Vicky, I take care of you today,” she says mimicking a Vietnamese woman. “Pedicure with spa deluxe.”

The other woman goes on tells her “no” to which Jasmin Brown responds, “Cheap b**tch.” This interaction goes on for a bit as they go through the motions of customer and nail technician.

A lot of commenters were upset with the skit.

Commenter ridhee.l wrote, “racists like this still do exists.”

While celiamanauis commented, “You call this comedy??? This is racist. This is disgusting. This is a mock against Asian culture. You call this a joke? You’re disgusting. In fact you’re so ignorant. Responding to your comments saying “Go harass them” how would you feel if we did that to you huh? Do you see us mocking African Americans??? No. But if we did this world would flip upside down. “Live a little!” Sure let’s all be racist against people.”

allysoncredson wrote, “if the roles were switched I’m sure you and the rest of the black community would be furious. #doublestandard”

valentina.cuervol wrote, “This is racist no matter what she says. CANCELLED.”

bby_vic_ commented “This is tasteless ,racist, and extremely ignorant. You have such a big platform yet use it to portray a disrespectful stereotype.”

jasmin brown
Instagram: watchjazzy

Still, there was some who defended the comedy skit.

perrfectlyperrfect commented, “…almost everyone who gets their nails done has had an experience like this. It wasn’t just one person, so of course there will be more than one person doing skits on experience.”

list_yun wrote, “I’m asian and I don’t take offense from this.”

t_my_ra commented, “…exactly!!!! ppl are being so extra!!! This was funny asf!!”

The post has been seen over 600,000 times.

Although I don’t find this funny, there are plenty of people that do. I’ve seen this bottom of the barrel comedy a million times. It was funny the first ten times but it’s just so hacky now. Anyone I see doing this type of accent, Asian or not, is a sign of someone who is uncreative and can only rely on gimmicks to get a laugh. But I doubt it was meant to be highbrow anyway. It just makes me cringe to see these bits because it’s just so played out and a sign of an amateur comedian who’s using the lowest common denominator to get a laugh.

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