David Chey
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Irvine City Council Candidate David Chey Makes His Mother Panhandle

David Chey, 55, is running for a seat on Irvine’s City Council. He has a brand new car, a nice condo in Irvine, and seems to be doing okay. However, he makes his mom Soon Chey, 86, go out and panhandle. Chey has been caught on camera driving his mom and wheeling her out on her wheelchair to go panhandle on the streets of Laguna Beach. She’s been panhandling for over a decade reports the Los Angeles Times.

David Chey
David Chey Youtube: Sam Wilson

Soon Chey sits in her wheelchair with a sign that says “Please Help Me.” Local business owner, Heidi Miller told the Daily Mail that she has seen Soon Chey collect over $200 an hour. She’s seen David drop his mother off in an “obscure underground parking structure” around 8:30 p.m. and pick her up at midnight. “I’ve seen her sitting outside by herself in drizzle. She even defecated on one of the benches before because she had to go to the bathroom. There’s so many things wrong with it,” she said.

David Chey
Soon Chey Youtube: Sam Wilson

Miller ended up putting a sign next to Soon Chey that reads, “DO NOT GIVE THIS WOMAN MONEY. Her son drops her off to beg for money she doesn’t need.”

David Chey
Soon Chey Photo:Heidi Miller

Many have tried to report elder abuse on David Chey but the victim needs to file a complaint. Soon Chey tells authorities that she’s okay with panhandling.

“… Adult Protective Services have gone out there and can’t do anything, because she says she enjoys begging. He’s pretty much brainwashed her,” Heidi Miller told the Daily Mail.

Police can’t do anything because panhandling isn’t illegal in Laguna Beach.

It seems the Chey’s started panhandling after they lost their home in 2007 after David’s father died. They were compensated for the loss of the home. It’s not quite sure when Soon Chey started panhandling but there is video footage of Chey dropping his mom off to panhandle as early as 2012.

Chey who has a Bachelor of Science degree in business of administration from USC tried his hand in becoming the mayor of Irvine in 2016. He came in last. Now he’s running to be a councilman who declares, “I affirm the purpose of government is to serve citizens by protecting life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.”

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