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Jameela Jamil loves white male privilege because it makes her a better person

Jameela Jamil is an actress starring in the hit television show “The Good Place.” But she’s more famously known for her feud with the Kardashians over “diarrhea tea.” Jamil believes it’s “irresponsible” for the Kardashians to promote an unhealthy product to impressionable girls. This belief comes from her past as she suffered from eating disorders and body issues. But what got her past this negative thought process was her ability to understand white privilege and tap it, reports the Daily Mail.

jameela jamil
James Blake & Jameela Jamil – Instagram: jameelajamilofficial

On the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, hosted by Emma Gannon, Jameela Jamil discussed her unhealthy past and how great white privilege is. The 33-year-old Indian, Pakistani actor is dating white musician James Blake. Through him, she started to understand white privilege and how freeing it can be.

“My boyfriend taught me to stick up for myself. He’s been a great force. I understand the brain of white male privilege now. I’ve been with him for four years…,” she said. “I try to live my life to how he does and borrow his male privilege. I’ve got so much more time and I’m happier now. I’m the most mentally we’ll I’ve been…

“It’s maddening to think about your body that much of the day, it’s gross. I think about other people and I’ve become a better person for it.”

She wasn’t always this strong, she was broken and in a bad place when she was younger. “I had an abusive childhood, I was badly bullied, I’ve had eating disorders, I’ve been sexually abused…”

Jamil noted that she has only recently become happy. It was only when she let go of typical beauty standards and not focus on what she looked like, that she started to feel better. As a result of her new outlook on life, she hopes that people will not wait as long as her to feel good about themselves and accept their bodies, imperfections and all. Because always trying to be thin, left her depressed and anxious.

“And I’ve been miserable,” she said. “I’ve only really been happy for the last three years and I don’t want anyone to have to wait until they’re 30 to not want to die.”

That’s why she’s so outspoken against people like the Kardashians who promote weight loss tea. Not to mention, she tried similar products when she was younger which left her with undesirable side effects.

“Stop letting celebs promote products without saying what the side effects are. I took this stuff when I was younger. My a**hole was like a dragon from GOT. I was s***ting fire.”

Wow, that’s a description.

“My digestive system didn’t recover for 20 years,” she said. “I was dehydrated and I felt awful. My thyroid is buggered and nothing works properly. I wasn’t sleeping and I was mentally ill.”

Congratulations to Jameela Jamil and her white privilege, it’s a hell of a drug.

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