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Japanese Bullet Train Company Forced Its Workers To Endure Terrifying Safety Exercise

A Japanese bullet train company forced its maintenance workers to sit down next to railway tracks in a tunnel as 3 bullet trains passed by. JR West, the rail operator defended the practice as a safety exercise aimed at teaching its team how important their jobs were according to Sky News.

A JR West spokesperson told AFP, “The training aims to teach our maintenance staff the importance of every part of their jobs.” 

The spokesperson added, “We pay close attention to safety while doing the training. We will continue this training while ensuring it serves a purpose and is done safely.”

The bullet trains that are capable of reaching speeds of 186mph have a legendary safety record. Since the introduction of the bullet trains in 1964, there has not been one death.

The safety exercise is the result of an accident in 2016 where the train’s exterior had fallen off. Since then at least 190 members of the company had taken the safety exercise.

“It was a horrible experience,” One employee told the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper. Others have described the exercise as a “public flogging”.

To see how fast these trains can go and what kind of impression it can leave check this video out.

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