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Japanese Magazine SPA Apologizes For Putting List Of Colleges With The Easiest Females

The Japanese magazine “SPA” has issued an apology after ranking colleges based on how easy it was to get laid. The weekly tabloid magazine released the list on December 25, 2018, but was met immediate backlash. Kazuna Yamamoto, a student at a Japanese University, spearheaded the movement to get SPA to apologize and retract the magazine.

In the article, Spa ranked five Japanese universities based on “easily available” female students, reports the Insider. The parties are popular among female college students who are looking for a hookup or a sugar daddy. They got the list from Keiji Isogimi, whose app, the “Lion Project”, connects female college students with males. Kenji told the magazine how to identify sexually available women by their appearance and clothing. Furthermore, he described ways to “coax” the women.

Kazuna Yamamoto, 21, an international Japanese student at International Christian University started a petition on change.org asking for an apology and a retraction of the article. Additionally, she posted a video on her Twitter account asking people to stand up and fight the patriarchy in Japan. “The fact that objectifying women and sexualizing women is a good cover story is just sick and disturbing. Stand up, Japan, because it’s 2019,” she said.

As of now she has gathered over 45,500 signatures and forced SPA magazine to issue an apology.

“We would like to apologize for using sensational language to appeal to readers about how they can become intimate with women and for creating a ranking… with real university names… that resulted in a feature that may have offended readers,” Spa’s editors said.

However, Kazuna Yamamoto has rejected the apology for not actually addressing the issue and instead side skirting it. “But they didn’t apologize for the actual problem, which was sexualizing university students,” she told Pri.

She noted that this wasn’t the first time SPA magazine ranked universities before. “…Numerous times. This article was posted [Oct. 23]. But I think in December they actually did six more rankings of universities with the most sluts, universities with the most virgins, universities with the most sugar daddies,” she said.

Kazuna Yamamoto hopes that in the era of #metoo that people in Japan would stand up and fight for gender equality.

As of now, SPA has not pulled its magazines off shelves.

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