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Japanese Runner With Broken Leg Finishes Race By Crawling

An amazing video showing a Japanese runner falling and crawling to finish her part of the race has gone viral. 19-year-old, Rei Iida, was competing for the Iwatani Sangyo corporate “ekiden” relay marathon team on Sunday, when she tripped and broke her leg, reports Runner’s World. The race consisted of 26.2 miles where a team of six runners each runs about 4.5 miles each.

In the video, Rei Iida, a university student, is seen running the marathon along with the other runners.

rei iida

Nearing the end of her arm of the race, Rei suddenly falls to the ground and breaks her leg.

Japanese Runner

But a broken leg won’t stop her. She’s too determined to finish her part and tag her teammate, so she starts crawling.

Japanese Runner

She crawls on all fours on the hard asphalt scrapping her legs and hands.

rei iida

Her knees start to cut open, they start bleeding.

Japanese Runner

But she still continues to move forward determined to hand the baton over to her teammate. The people in attendance are now cheering her on as she painfully crawls as fast as she can. Her teammate is seen tearing up watching her friend trying to finish the race.

Japanese Runner

It takes a while for Rei Iida to get to her teammate but she does in a breathtaking show of willpower.

rei Iida

Rei Iida hands the baton to her teammate, who takes off, and gets up on one leg. She hops over to the side with some assistance.

rei Iida

Rei Iida takes a seat and is clearly in a lot of pain and agony. Her knees are bruised up and bloody and she starts to tear up as she takes a sip of water.

Japanese Runner

It is estimated that Rei Iida crawled around 1000 feet to get to her teammate. She was rushed to the hospital where she will be treated for her fractured leg along with the scrapes. She is expected to make a full recovery in three to four months.

Check out the video below:

Interesting enough her team manager, Hisakzau Hirose, called for the withdrawal of his team after he heard Rei fractured her leg. Unfortunately, Rei never got the word so she kept crawling. But it seems she would have crawled all the way, regardless if she knew her team had pulled out because of her fighting spirit. When a judge approached her while she was crawling she asked him, “how many meters are left until my goal?

The Japanese people were not happy and criticized the team and the people in charge for letting her go on and injuring herself even further.

Her team, Iwatani Co, released a statement saying that the incident was “very regrettable” and they hope that race organizers figure out a quicker way for managers to relay messages to their runners.

Rei Iida, on the other hand, has apologized to her team manager for her poor performance.


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