Jeremy Lin Is A Horrible Singer
Photo: Twitter @PopoChung7

Jeremy Lin Is A Horrible Singer

Jeremy Lin the GOAT of basketball is a horrible singer. In a tweet put out by @PopoChung7, Jeremy Lin is seen belting out tunes at a karaoke bar. He sang such classic songs as “A Whole New World”, “I believe I can fly”, “Can you feel the love tonight”, and other melodramatic tunes.

What’s with Asians singing Disney tunes and R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly”? We need to step up our song collection at the karaoke club. I’m surprised he didn’t sing Aerosmith’s, “I don’t want to miss a thing,” but the clip was short and he wasn’t drunk, so I can’t say for sure.

Jeremy Lin
Photo: Jlin7

Jeremy Lin sounds like a drunk frat dude after he sucked on a pack of Marlboro Reds unfiltered cigarettes after he got punched in the throat. God gave him many blessings but a voice isn’t one. I would rather hear William Hung belt out “She bangs” before I hear Jeremy sing another tune.

william hung
Photo: Fox American Idol

Hope Jeremy is injury free and practicing basketball because his singing career is not going to take him anywhere. However, if he decided to partner up with William Hung and become some kind of R&B duo like KCI & Jojo, I would definitely be their biggest fan. Nothing sexier than seeing two dudes taking their shirts off while sexily pointing their fingers at me.

On a final note, I would like to say that William Hung was unfairly dragged. Sure, he doesn’t have the looks, and swings his hips like an unoiled robot, but every time I hear him sing brings a smile to my face. William Hung was the original Linsanity but we called it Hungsanity back then. Listen to this if your sad and I dare you to tell me you’re not feeling better after William Hung casts his magic on you.

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