John McCain Is Getting Blasted For His Racism Following His Death

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John McCain is getting blasted for his racism following his death on Saturday, August 25, 2018. McCain died in his house in Arizona after battling brain cancer. While the former Vietnam vet, presidential nominee, and Republican senator had an overwhelming positive flow of praise. There were many who aired their grievances over John McCain’s past.

John McCain’s History In Vietnam

When John McCain was a Navy Pilot in the Vietnam War his plane was shot down and McCain parachuted himself into a lake. Tangled in the parachute, with broken limbs, McCain was sure to drown when a Vietnamese man, Mai Van On, jumped into the lake and saved him. Mai Van On also saved him from getting killed by the village mob who’s families were the victims of aerial bombardments by fighting them off. Eventually, McCain fell into the hands of the North Vietnamese army where he became a P.O.W for five years.

Mai Vai On and John McCain
Mai Van On and McCain in Hanoi 1996 photo courtesy of sinopix

McCain reunited with Mai Van On in 96 in Vietnam and heard Mai recount the story of how Mai saved his life from drowning and a mob. McCain ended up giving him a souvenir metal from a gift shop with a Senate seal that Mai cherished like it was the “Congressional Medal of Honor.”

When John McCain Referred To His Captors As “Gooks”

In his autobiography “Faith Of My Fathers”, he omitted this fact. Instead, he wrote according to the DailyMail, ”

“A crowd of several hundred Vietnamese gathered around me as I lay dazed before them, shouting wildly at me, stripping my clothes off, spitting on me, kicking and striking me repeatedly.”

What followed, according to McCain, was five-and-a-half years of torture and brutal beatings as a prisoner of war – an account that has given a steely edge to his candidacy by establishing him as a true American war hero.

This omission led some to believe McCain embellished the harsh treatment he received while he was a P.O.W. He never mentioned Mai or thanked him for saving him. Nobody is quite sure if McCain believed Mai or simply ignored that fact due to him carefully curating his image as a war hero so he can run for president.

When Arizona Senator John McCain ran for president in 2000, for the first of two failed attempts, a reporter asked him about his time as a P.O.W and that’s when McCain referred to the Vietnamese as “gooks” reports SFGATE.

“I hate the gooks, I will hate them as long as I live,” said McCain when asked about the North Vietnamese guards who captured and tortured him. “I will call right now, my interrogator that tortured me, a gook, I can’t believe that anybody doesn’t belive these interrogators and prison guards were cruel and sadistic people who deserve the worst appellastions possible. Gook is the kindest appellation I can give.”

The Backlash On Twitter After His Death

Many on twitter brought this up.

@asianbabyghoul tweeted, “it amazing how John McCain died on Võ Nguyên Giáp’s birthday, this is truly God’s Work”


@AsianRailroader tweeted “He referred to Vietnamese as “gooks” during his 2000 pres campaign and refused to apologize. He hates you too. Why are you, as an Asian American activist, caping for an ant-Asian racist?”


@KenzoShibata tweeted, “I don’t mourn people who say “gook.””


@WAKEUPGXN tweeted, “I’m seeing white verifieds calling out McCain for his “gook” comment, while asian verifieds are celebrating “service to our country”. Asians need to learn to put our foot down and finally resist assimilationist/colonial mentality.” #asiantwitter


While others called out his other racist behaviors.

@MEH957 tweeted, “He was f***ing garbage, and I don’t care to seem ‘inappropriate’ seeing people fawn over a f***ing sexist racist asshole.”


@Mont_Jiang tweeted, “F**K everyone saying ‘it’s insensitive to hate on John McCain.’ That crusty ass motherf**ker sang ‘bomb bomb bomb Iran’ like a goddamn joke. With great power comes great responsibility — Uncle Ben’s Rice. He violated Uncle Ben’s Rice. He can go to hell … Sen. McCain = Long Duk Dead.”



@InvestmentOrac1 tweeted, “John McCain -supported the rescinding of Martin Luther King Day. -kept on his payroll white supremacists, race-baiting swiftboaters and lobbyists for dictators and terrorists. -endorsed George Wallace, favorite speaker among white supremacist. – openly calls Vietnamese “gook”.


John McCain is survived by his wife Cindy, his daughter Meghan, and his mother Roberta.


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