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Jollibee Delivery Boy Helps A 92-Year-Old Woman Get Food In The Philippines In A Facebook Post That Has Gone Viral

A Jollibee delivery boy has the done the nicest thing. After delivering some food to a customer named Maris Mayol Tian in Bacolod City in the Philippines, he was called over by a 92-year-old woman across the street. The grandmother asked him what he does and he told her he “delivers food”. The grandmother places an order with him that he fulfills even though that’s not his job reports Coconuts Manila.

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Facebook: Mary Tian

In a Facebook post that has gone viral. Maris Mayol Tian posted what happened. She recalls how the Jollibee delivery boy delivered her food when the 92 year old called the boy over. But she didn’t expect what happened next. “I honestly thought he would just ignore her, laugh and be on his way, but he actually took out his own cellphone, dialed a number, and ordered for her!!!”

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Maris Mayol Tian Facebook

The 92-year-old unidentified woman who the neighborhood calls Nanay, a Filipino word that means mother as a sign of respect, orders spaghetti and macaroni soup from the delivery boy. The grandmother doesn’t know that she has to call a delivery hotline first. But the delivery boy proceeds to take her order with his cellphone.

“Not a lot of people show kindness and pay attention to old people, but this guy did and I think that is very commendable and heartwarming,” she tells Coconut Manila.

The Jollibee delivery boy has been identified as Elpegie Palmares Sicor. Once the post went viral Sicor reached out to Tian through Facebook. She said, “He was praised at work by his manager and his co-workers. He said thank you. He can’t explain the feeling, he’s just very humble.”

The Facebook post has over 332,000 likes and 51,000 shares.

Many on Facebook commended the delivery boy.

jollibee praise

jollibee praise

jollibee praise

Jollibee is a Filipino fast food restaurant that spans the globe. With over 1200 Jollibee stores worldwide it is the biggest Filipino restaurant. It serves American style food with a Filipino twist such as “Chickenjoy” and “Jolly Spaghetti”. It’s considered comfort food for most Filipinos. If the first Victoria Secret Angel Kelsey Merritt goes hungry or misses the Philippines she could just go over to Jollibee and get a taste of home.

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Photo: From

The world famous Jollibee mascot. A bee that Tony Tan, the founder said represents the working Filipino people because it, “hops around and produces sweet things for life, and is happy even though its busy.”

jollibee mascot
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