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Stage 13 - YOMYOMF

Justin Lin’s “Family Style” food show looks delicious

Another day, another food show pops up. It seems everyone has a food show after Anthony Bourdain popularized the format. Just recently, it was announced that chef David Chang and Chrissy Teigen would co-host a food show for Hulu. Now one of the directors of the “Fast and Furious” franchise is throwing his hat into the ring. Director Justin Lin’s production company YOMYOMF and Stage 13 have teamed up and made “Family Style,” an unscripted food and travel show, reports Deadline. It revolves around a group of eight friends nicknamed the “Foodie Fam” as they come together to enjoy some meals and talk about family and culture. The show was shot in in Vietnam, China, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and the Philippines.

family style
Stage 13 – YOMYOMF

The “Foodie Fam” consists of Amanda Suk, Stacy Fan, Lana McKissack, Arvin Lee, Gilbert Galon, Anthony Ma, Sujata Day, and Oates Wu. The eight of them will travel around the world and eat with famous people and take in the culture and the food. Some of the famous people that will join them are director Jon M. Chu, actor Daniel Dae Kim, and actress Ally Maki.

The series will premiere on Youtube and Stage 13’s website on May 13, 2019, with two episodes. The first episode is titled “Family” and will feature Daniel Dae Kim in Hawaii, Hudson Yang of “Fresh of the Boat” with his father exploring their Taiwanese culture, and visit Wong Fu Productions Philip Wang’s boba shop Bopomofo.

In the second episode titled “Nose to Tail,” actor Harry Shum Jr. joins the “Foodie Fam” to explore offal( the entrails and organ meats of an animal) dishes and explore why SPAM is so popular.

“Family Style” has a total of 12 episodes this season and will air twice a week on Monday and Thursday. The season will end on June 17, 2019, with its last episode titled “Sharing” which explores the Philippines with director Jon M. Chu.

“When YOMYOMF presented us the concept of celebrating Asian food and pop culture from the perspective of a diverse, all Asian cast, with Asian filmmakers, we were excited to start filming!” said Shari Scorca, VP of Unscripted Development at Stage 13.

Executive Producer Philip W. Chung said that “Family Style” was different from other food shows because it didn’t center around “experts” of food. Instead, the perspective comes from everyday people. “But I’ve learned the most interesting things about food and culture from simply sharing stories with friends while enjoying a great meal,” he said. “I wanted to see a show with that vibe–where the audience felt like a member of our Foodie Fam and could share in these food adventures together.”

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