Justin Sha Has Picture Vandalized With Swastika

Fremont City, CA, council candidate had a picture of his vandalized with devil horns and a swastika. Chinese American Justin Sha told NBC Bay Area news, “I was just so speechless, felt anger, a lot of sadness. I really don’t know who would want to do this. People should never do this, doesn’t matter for whatever reason.” Sha has suspicions on who did it but didn’t want to say. Five candidates are running for council in the first election in the area to be determined by district voting.

justin sha

“I was actually at the Oakland City Attorney’s Office when my father texted me the photos, and it really is something else to see a Nazi swastika etched onto a picture of your forehead,” Sha told the Mercury News. The vandalism was first discovered last week and the police have launched an investigation for a possible hate crime. Geneva Bosque, a spokesperson for the Fremont Police said, “We are investigating this as a possible hate crime. This is definitely cause for concern. Fremont is a very welcoming community and we celebrate diversity.”

justin sha

Officers looked over the neighborhood checking to see if anyone had any surveillance video to help them in the case. Police have no suspects at this time.

Sha’s dad, Ronald Sha told NBC, “I really don’t know whoever wants to do this. People should never do this. Doesn’t matter for whatever the reason.” Ronald Sha did his best to remove the swastika from the poster and added American flags.

There has been a rise in Asian American’s running for office and with that a rise in anti-Asian sentiment.

Photos by Instagram: Justin4Fremont

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