Kepler's Literary Foundation mistakes author Wesley Yang for PUA JT Tran

Kepler’s Literary Foundation Mistakes Author Wesley Yang For PUA JT TRAN

Kepler’s Literary Foundation has mistaken Asian American author Wesley Yang for PUA JT Tran. Kepler’s Literary Foundation put out a notice on Eventbrite, about an upcoming event with Wesley Yang, that takes place at Kepler’s Books, in Menlo Park, on Oct 17, 2018. The event would be a sit down with radio host Angie Coiro about his upcoming book “Souls of Yellow Folk”. But Twitter user @raydeng caught Kepler using a picture of JT Tran to promote the upcoming event instead of Wesley Yang.


@raydeng @raydeng @raydeng

This is Wesley Yang. Wesley Yang is a writer that writes about the Asian American experience.

wesley yang
Photo: NYMAG

This is JT Tran. JT Tran teaches Asian guys how to pick up girls.

jt tran
Instagram: jt_tran1

Kepler got wind of the mess up and tried to correct it but they made another mistake. They mistook Wesley for another novelist Chang Rae Lee.

wesley yang mistake

Keppler issued an apology and finally corrected the mistake.

Kepler's Literary Foundation

wesley yang eventbrite

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