Christian Daghio

Kickboxer Christian Daghio Dies Following A Boxing Match In Thailand

A 49-year-old Italian man has passed away after he was knocked out in a boxing match. Christain Daghio fought Don Pareuang for the vacant WBC Asian Boxing Council silver light heavyweight title one week ago. In the last round of the fight, Don Pareuang punched Daghio with a straight right that sent Daghio down.

Christian Daghio

Daghio got back up but he was still on shaky legs. The ref clears him and the fight restarts. That’s when Pareuang came forward and punched him several more times sending him to the floor.

Christian Daghio

Christian Daghio

The second knockout would put Daghio into a coma and ultimately result to his death one week later.

Christian Daghio moved to Thailand when he was 21 years old. He took up Kickboxing and went pro in 1993. Daghio became a local celebrity as he fought more than 189 times as a Muay Thai Kickboxer. He won 145 of them and several world titles. Additionally, he went into MMA before transitioning to Boxing at the age of 46. As a boxer, he fought 32 times and won 31 of them.

Daghio ran his own gym called Kombat Group in Pattaya where he trained every day. On his Instagram, he is seen training for the fight.

Christian Daghio’s brother told the Daily Mail, “He died like he wanted. I have no regrets because he was like that.

“He wanted to fight till he was 80. The ring was his life and he died as a champion. 

“My brother had a girlfriend in Thailand and a five-year-old girl who still doesn’t know her father died.”

The fight happened in Rangsit international Stadium in Rangsit, Thailand. In the last round of the fight, after Christian Daghio was knocked out, he slipped into a coma. He was taken to the hospital where the extent of his brain injuries became clear. Unfortunately, Daghio would never come out of that coma and died of complications from the injuries he sustained in the fight.

The video of the last round can be seen below.

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