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Kiip founder Brian Wong accused of sexual assault

Founder of Kiip, a mobile advertising network, Brian Wong has been indicted by a grand jury on Friday of felony charges of sexual assault, reports the Vancouver Sun. The 27-year-old was accused by a woman, with the pseudonym Samantha Luu, of sexual assault stemming from an incident three years ago in March of 2016. Wong’s lawyers, Sam Bassett said in a statement, “Brian Wong is innocent of this three-year-old baseless accusation leveled against him.” Wong maintains that their sexual relationship was consensual. His lawyer said that after the second date, “she falsely complained of this activity being non-consensual.”

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Vancouver native, Brian Wong moved to Silicon Valley after he graduated from the University of British Columbia at the age of 18 with a bachelor’s degree in 2009. After working for Digg then eventually getting laid off, he founded Kiip in 2010. The wunderkind was able to secure $30 million in capital in the early rounds culminating in a 2016 valuation of $54 million for his company.

According to an affidavit for his arrest warrant, in March of 2016, while attending SXSW, Wong met Luu on Tinder. Wong had invited the student of Rice University to join him in Austin. Luu drove 161 miles from Houston to Austin to meet Wong at Perry’s Steakhouse.

According to Luu, she was given a glass of wine which made her feel, “disoriented, dizzy, and physically impaired.” She doesn’t remember how she got to Wong’s hotel but, remembers Wong taking off her clothes after he pushed her onto his bed. She claimed that she felt incapacitated. That’s when she alleges that Wong raped her. She yelled, “rape” which made him stop and ask, “How am I raping you?”

After, she said she passed out and was awoken when he assaulted her again. Luu eventually got up, dressed, and left the hotel and drove back to Houston. On March 14, 2016, she reported the sexual assault to Rice University Police who handed the case over to Austin Police Department. The investigation was soon put to a halt when Luu didn’t want to participate in it. However, it was reopened last year when Luu felt more comfortable opening up about the situation.

Basset said that all sexual relations between Wong and Luu were consensual. He noted that Wong “fully co-operated” with the police and that he had passed a polygraph test.

Brian Wong has taken a leave of absence from his company Kiip as he deals with his legal situation.

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