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Kondo-ing is the next ghosting in dating

Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her minimalistic lifestyle methods. The Japanese queen of decluttering has a best-selling book and a hit Netflix series which helps people get rid of unnecessary items from their lives. If the item doesn’t spark joy in your life you’ve got to dump it. Plus, she has some awesome ways to organize everything in your house. From socks to condiments, the KonMari method will help you tidy up. But what about people? Dropping people out of your life isn’t new, especially bad dates, but now there is a new term for kicking people to the curb. Ghosting is out and Kondo-ing is in and it might be the harshest way to dump somebody.

According to MSN, Kondo-ing is ditching anyone who isn’t able to spark joy. Kondo-ing is one of the hottest trends in dating right now, according to dating site Plenty of Fish. They are seeing a lot of people get rid of their mates the second they don’t bring any joy in their life. Once the negativity is gone, the person can go out looking for someone who does bring joy. Sounds good, but what about trying to work things out? Is dumping someone at the first sign of unhappiness the best thing to do? Probably not, but considering all the dating sites and choices, maybe a better option is out there.

Kondo-ing isn’t the only hot trend in dating. According to Plenty of Fish, there is “Hinch-ing,” “Brexit-ing,” “Easter Ex-Hunting,” “Daffa-dilling,” and “Blossoming.”

Hinchin-ing is named after Sophie Hinchcliffe who is also a cleaning guru. But, unlike Kondo-ing, Hinch-ing is when you turn your messy partner into a cleaning partner.

Brexit-ing is when you threaten to leave but stay in the relationship after some renegotiations.

While Easter Ex-Hunting is finding an old love to spend Easter with.

And Daffa-dilling is when someone you got feelings for comes around the same time every year, but only for a short time.

Finally, there is Blossoming which is when you are able to hold onto to someone after cuffing season and take it to the next level.

So these are the new dating terms going around. My girlfriend will probably try Kondo-ing me, but I’ll be Brexit-ing her so that we’ll be Blossoming together. Good luck out there in the crazy dating world and use Kondo-ing wisely.

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