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Korean Authorities Looking For Notorious PUA ‘Explorer Nick’ And ‘David Bond’

‘Explorer Nick’ and David Bond are being investigated by Korean Authorities for the secret filming of Korean girls. Birkley is under fire for selling the secret recordings on his website Koreangirlseasy.com reports Nomad News. The two are infamous for going around Asia sexually exploiting women.

‘Explorer Nick’ and David Bond are a growing group of white men who go around Asia filming and documenting their sexual exploits in Asia. They post videos on Youtube showing how easy it is for a ‘white man’ to bed Asian women. What starts off as innocent flirtation quickly turns into harassment and dehumanization of the victims.

‘Explorer Nick’ is most famous for his trip to Taiwan where he secretly recorded his exploits of Taiwanese women then loading it up on Youtube. Not getting enough attention he concocted a story where he said that Taiwanese gangsters were after him for the videos and wanted to cut off his c**k. Nick apologized because he said he feared for his life, but the next day he took the apology back and stated that he made up the whole thing up reports Shanghaiist.

david bond

David Bond got famous when he made a Youtube video of him ‘stealing an Asian girl from her Asian boyfriend’. He transitioned that fame into selling his techniques to other guys who wanted to go to Asia to pick women up.

When word got around that ‘Explorer Nick’ was in Korea it didn’t take long for the internet to find out who this guy really was. His name is Mark Birkely from the United Kingdom.

mark birkly

mark birkly

People warned other girls of this guy and they eventually called authorities after they found his website Koreangirlseasy which sells secret recordings of women he might have had sex with. Both David Bond and Mark Birkley have been seen together around Korea and netizens are asking if you see them, please report them to the authorities.

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