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Korean Christian Cult Leader Shin Ok Ju Beats The Crap Out Of Her Followers In Shocking Video

Pastor Shin Ok Ju is the leader of the South Korean Grace Road Church. The church which is believed to be a cult beats its members in the name of God. “There are devils inside that makes us sin. You have to hit to drive the devil out,” one former church member told the Korean police. The shocking video shows a rare glimpse into the church and its abuses, reports The Guardian.

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Shin who is seen by many of her followers as a diety is quite the nut job. In 2014 she believed S.Korea would be hit with a famine, so she convinced 400 of her followers to follow her to Fiji where they would survive. Unfortunately, for some of her followers’, paradise meant they would have their passports taken from them and forced to work without pay and be part of ritual beatings. In the video Shin can be seen slapping several of her members, cutting off their hair, and throwing them to the floor.

Furthermore, she encourages a mother and her daughter to slap the crap out of each other. When the daughter hits the mother softly, Shin Ok Ju scolds her for hitting her softly, “you’re hitting the cheeks of the enemy.” The daughter hits her mother harder 25 times then the mother starts slapping the crap out of her daughter and pulling her hair. shin oak

Shin Ok Ju encourages members of her church to beat each other. A 70-year-old man was hit over 600 times in one session. As a result, the man was bruised up and had difficulty walking the next day.

Shin, who has been arrested, when she went back to S.Korea after members of her cult managed to escape and contact the S. Korean Police, maintains her innocence.

A spokesperson for the Grace Road Church never denied the beatings that occurred in their church. They believe it’s part of their faith. Shin Ok Ju’s spokesperson said, “Shin Ok Ju has biblically rebuked people by publicly reproving them so that they would turn back and no longer sin.” and “Threshing floor is written throughout the whole Bible … Grace Road Church alone has carried out the perfectly biblical threshing floor.”

This would mark the second time Shin Ok Ju had problems with the law. In 2012, Shin Ok Ju was part of a “religious cleansing” ritual that saw a 27-year-old mentally ill man lose one of his legs.

The then 27-year-old man named Seungick Chung was taken to a branch of the Grace Road Church In Queens New York due to his schizophrenia. Shin Ok Ju decided prayers, not medication would be the cure for his mental illness. For 10 days, the church duct taped the man to a bed and started praying for him. The duct tape ended up cutting the circulation of blood and his leg went dead. When a dermatologist looked at he diagnosed it with gangrene and called the cops. The doctors ended up cutting his leg off.

Seungick Chung’s schizophrenia was made worse in those ten days due to not having access to his medication and the traumatic incident he went through. He now lives in a nursing home. Chung’s sister and fiancee who took part in the ritual were sentenced to a year in prison while Shin was not charged. However, in 2014 the legal guardian of Chung leveled a 6 million dollar lawsuit against Shin, reports NY DAILY NEWS. 

I feel awful for the schizophrenic guy because of the stupidity of his caretakers he’s now in a worse condition. But I don’t have much sympathy for the church’s followers. If your part of a cult you deserved to be slapped. Maybe it’ll slap some sense into you to get the f**k out of there. However, in Christianity, there’s the whole turn the other cheek thing, so maybe Shin Ok Ju should take that lesson to heart.

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