Lim Ji Hyun

Korean Girl Lim Ji Hyun Creates Emoticon And Becomes Most Searched On Naver

Lim Ji Hyun has reached the top of Korea’s search engine searches after she shared a post on her Instagram page. She’s not an actor or a singer but for a moment she was the most searched person in Korea after she created an emoticon reports Superman TV.

Lim Ji Hyun

The business owner of the cosmetic brand “VELY VELY” went on Instagram and posted an emoticon of a smiling yellow face with heart eyes. She told her followers if anyone wanted the emoticon to DM her.

For some reason, the emoticon caught on and Lim Ji Hyun became the most searched keyword on Naver.

I don’t know why the emoticon caught on. It looks similar to many other emoticons I’ve seen already but I don’t know a lot of things so whateves. Was this a crap post? The crappiest.

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