Heo Jae Hyuk
Road FC

Korean MMA Fighter Heo Jae Hyuk Beautifully Sings His Walkout Music Then Proceeds To Get His Ass Beat

While everyone was watching UFC 230, Cormier vs Lewis, there was another fight promotion showing off their fighters. Road FC, a South Korean fight promotion held it’s 50th event in Daejeon, South Korea. It was a night of good fights but one fighter stood out. Heo Jae Hyuk came out singing Imagine Dragons “Believer” and he absolutely nailed it.

Heo Jae Hyuk

The 6 feet, 300-pound monster showed off his smooth vocal abilities that sent chills down my spine. With a mic in his hand, he belted out “Believer” as he walked down to the cage. Sounding like he was at a karaoke bar trying to drown out his pain in alcohol and booze, the 33-year-old serenaded the crowd.

Road FC

And then it was on to fight Shim Gun Oh.

Shim Gun Oh
Road FC

I wish to tell you that a man with such a beautiful voice fought valiantly and won the fight, but it wasn’t his night. Heo Jae Hyuk ended up getting his ass beat in 20 seconds.

Heo Jae Hyuk
Road FC

Yes, 20 seconds. That is shorter than him singing his walkout song. He sang for 1 minute and 16 seconds then got his ass beat in 20 seconds. This was a good lesson for the man that looks like an Asian Butterbean. Never bring your voice to a fist fight or some stupid saying like that.

Check out his angelic voice below.

Then see him get his ass beat.

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