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Korean Nursing Students Forced Into Receiving Enemas

Korean nursing students are mad after some of them became “patient of the day” for enema training. The practice, which singled out one student out of a group of about five students, was asked to drop their pants and have enemas inserted into them for real-life practice. One student said that the teacher explained it as a way to help nurses empathize with the patients when they were getting enemas reports the Korea Times.  

“One student in each group is picked by drawing lots, and it is the atmosphere that the selected student cannot say no. Having to show my anus to others because of bad luck in the lots, I think this is an issue of human rights, and I wonder if other schools do this too,” a student wrote online.

Most nursing schools in S.Korea utilize a mannikin to practice their enema inserting skills.

Another student said, “The picked students feel like crying. Showing their private parts to others is humiliating, and other students also don’t want to give an enema because they also know how they feel.”

Act Now Nurse, a group for nurses, plans to file a file a complaint against seven schools to the National Rights Commission. “The nurses don’t have to go through all the pain in order to sympathize with patients,” Choi Won Young, a spokesperson for Act Now Nurse and a practicing nurse for eight years, said. “At nursing schools, students do take training and practice on each other for some procedures. But enemas seem unnecessary, especially when it could cause mental and physical trauma to the students by making it public.”

Choi emphasized why a student felt the need to go through with the humiliating procedure. She notes saying “no” can sour the relationship between the teacher and student leaving the student on the teacher’s bad side. Additionally, she added, a teacher can make it difficult for the student to graduate if not impossible.

As usual, the internet had mixed reactions to this incident. Most sided with the students but some sided with the teachers.

“There are manikins and other tools to practice administering enemas. This is like sexual assault, causing such humiliation. The professor should become a guinea pig him or herself, setting an example for the students,” one internet user said.

One internet user agreed with the teacher’s methods stating, “If the students do not practice enema training like this, it means a patient will become their first guinea pig. What patient will want to get an enema from a nurse who has never done it before?”

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